Build-Test-Operations Engineer

Why is this job for you?

We are focused on discovering new patterns in big data. These pattern discoveries will significantly and positively impact people lives. Our initial work is in the biomedical space, focusing on identifying the patterns related to breast cancer, lung cancer, and other diseases such as Chron’s disease. This job is for you because we are taking on what has been viewed as an intractable problem. We learn daily from each other in the space of mathematics, machine learning, data science, bioinformatics and biology, with each of our experts working at or beyond the state of the art. Learning, sharing ideas, and synthesizing information is our passion. Making a positive impact by combining leading-edge research with emerging technologies is our mission. That’s why we are here. We’ll take on additional domains such as finance, transportation, energy, etc. as time and resources allow.


You are well suited for this job because you have a solid track record of creating a robust, efficient and highly regarded build/test/release processes. You are tightly integrated into all the engineering processes, resource and roadmap planning. You are comfortable working with operations, automation, logging and scaling either in the datacenter or AWS/Azure is second nature. You enjoy taking on increasingly larger roles. You enjoy reading and understand the code, and then building effective tests and/or test harnesses for regression or performance testing. You have excellent communication skills; you anticipate events and notify key stakeholders of potential risks and keep them updated on critical-path items. You are an engineer at heart. You can read and understand code (C/C++). Having said that, you’re not done learning and challenging yourself with increasingly complex problems where your experience and input is valued. You are inspired to expand your knowledge of machine learning and AI techniques to understand and keep pace with the emerging novel work of the team. Lastly, you are a person of high integrity, managing interpersonal relationships with clarity and trust.

Key Responsibilities

  • Own the overall test strategy (regression, performance, scalability) from concept to delivery.
  • Learn existing development practices and methods, suggesting and/or demonstrating improvements as appropriate.
  • Development and delivery of an overall test, performance and scalability strategy and plan for an existing and growing code base.
  • Work closely with the Chief Architect to refine and align the plan with the current development plan and customer testing/scaling plans as needed.
  • Upon approval, implement the test plan, including a test harness for regression and/or ongoing performance and scalability testing.
  • Manage the projected test regression performance and scalability resource requirements/cost expectations for engineering resources using the projected code development and customer-engagement schedule.
  • Build knowledge and skills to be familiar with the general mathematics, novel algorithms and related (existing) machine learning algorithms.
  • Work with Engineering Manager to maintain and evolve the 12-18-month engineering test roadmap in alignment with product and engineering strategy.
  • Work with Engineering Manager to identify any gaps in engineering (design/build/test) or operational systems.

Required Qualifications

  • B.S. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related discipline.
  • 3-5 years programming experience, preferably in C/C++, Java okay.
  • Experience in Python programming.
  • Proven ability to effectively manage technical issues where you had direct accountability and responsibility for delivering a software component (test or production).
  • Clear, articulate style of both written and verbal communications. Experience successfully handling/delivering critical conversations.
  • Self-starter. Able to see or anticipate problems and engage directly.
  • High integrity individual. Trust is critical for this role.
  • Able to handle ambiguity in stride based on context and your experience.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with high performance computing, distributed computing or related techniques for scaling of computing systems.
  • Working knowledge of machine learning techniques, including comparative analysis of the various techniques as applied to different problem.
  • Experience working with high dimensional sparse datasets.
  • Experience working with data analysts/scientists.
  • R programming.

This position reports to the Engineering Manager.
It is located in Redmond, Washington
Travel is minimal, less than 25%
Relocation Seattle area is required within 45 days of hire date.
Pattern Computer is an equal-opportunity employer
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