Software Engineering Manager

What is Pattern Computer?

Pattern Computer is a 5-year-old Seattle-area startup focused on discovering patterns in complex, high dimension datasets. We go far beyond the current machine learning techniques of neural networks focused on pattern recognition – seeing what is already known. More importantly, we are a committed, collaborative team breaking new ground in machine learning.


Among our discoveries, we have discovered patterns behind breast cancer and successfully passed four rounds of laboratory testing. We have recently developed a highly accurate method for detecting the presence of COVID-19 in 15 seconds. Along with the discoveries, we have published results which are more accurate than current, peer-reviewed academic papers, not only exceeding their results but have also documented the mathematical algorithms which describe the pattern.


This is a collaborative team focused on learning and developing new methods to solve problems; write distributed, high performance code for heterogenous system architecture and solve challenging problems with positive social impact and high value. We want to reward the team members and investors by creating high value business opportunities and long-term customer relationships. While our main offices are in the Redmond area, team members primarily live in Redmond, Seattle, and the surrounding rural communities. Team members may work from home 2-3 days a week, depending on project status and meeting schedules, with the balance in the Redmond office. Our focus is on building outstanding leading-edge products, having a great, collaborative team environment, and balancing that with fun and learning. Our team consists of many industry and domain experts; the collaborative learning and sharing environment is one of our keys to success.

Why is this job for you?

This job is for you because we are taking on what has been viewed as an intractable problem. We learn daily from each other in the space of mathematics, machine learning, data science bioinformatics and biology. Each team member is an expert in their field, typically working at or beyond the state of the art. Learning, sharing ideas, and synthesizing information is our passion. Making a positive impact by combining leading-edge research with emerging technologies is our mission. That is why we are here.


You are well suited for this job because you have experience in software engineering spanning multiple projects. You have led teams through difficult challenges through key milestones and have delivered quality results. You have ambitious standards, measuring progress, improving the process, asking key questions. People say that you lead from behind, inspiring others to find their own solutions through leading questions and your insight based on your experience. You take pride in seeing others develop their coding, code review, design, system performance and leadership skills. You inspire a strong team dynamic of working collaboratively towards a common goal. Most of all, you want to lead a team that is breaking new ground, doing important work that will positively impact people’s lives. You want to understand how the work is done, and advance the state of the art.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Gain a deep understanding and embrace the key technologies and mathematical algorithms.
  • Together with the leadership team, define the engineering roadmap, required resources, and timelines.
  • Work with your direct reports on their engineering development plans. Understand their strengths and areas for development. Assign work appropriate for their abilities with stretch goals to challenge the team.
  • Lead your integrated software and hardware development team through development cycles, defining the key metrics by which your performance will be measured (features, quality, scaling, performance, etc.) – enabling the team to take pride in their accomplishments, and to constructively understand areas of improvement.
  • Expand your own abilities, learning some of the adjacent areas in which you are working. Machine learning, bioinformatics, biology, or future areas of pattern discovery.
  • Participate in the company roadmap planning. Key areas of research, investment, and aspirational thinking.

Required Qualifications:

  • B.S. (with at least 7 years' experience) or masters (with at least 5 years' experience) in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or directly related field.
  • Experience writing production code in, and current working knowledge of C++, strong preference for experience writing/optimizing code for parallel execution.
  • Successful end-end ownership of at least three product cycles where you owned a product (either as the software development engineer or dev manager), or a major feature of a product where quality, performance and scalability were key metrics.
  • Excellent communication skills, able negotiate to find best solution.
  • Reputation for trust, integrity and transparency.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 3 years' experience in writing, tuning, and understanding machine learning algorithms including decision trees, partitioning data spaces, topological data analysis and/or clustering strategies
  • B.S. (with at least 10 years' experience) or masters (with at least 7 years' experience) in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or directly related field.
  • Experience programming in Python or R
  • FPGA programming experience
  • B.S in Mathematics

This position reports to the Chief Technology Officer.

This position is in Redmond, Washington. Travel is minimal, less than 25%.

Pattern Computer is an equal-opportunity employer.

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