REDMOND, Washington. — April 6, 2020 — Pattern Computer®, Inc. proudly announces that two sets of drug therapy candidates targeting breast cancer – identified through its proprietary machine-learning (ML) pattern discovery system - completed final in vitro organoid testing from a leading national lab demonstrating “significant synergistic interaction” in killing malignant tumor growth, with statistically low to no adverse effects on healthy cell states. With these results, Pattern Computer will proceed to the next phase of preclinical in vivo (animal) testing.

Notably, the ML-discovered sets of combination therapies are targeting the basal-like (also referred to as “triple negative”) breast cancer population, representing 15-20% of breast cancer patients for whom an efficacious treatment does not exist.

Pattern Computer is applying its computational platform toward the challenging field of drug discovery to take advantage of its capability for discovering highly-correlated patterns in high-dimensional data (like genetic interactions in complex disease states such as cancer). As such, it is directing its focus toward particularly entrenched disease types (such as the basal sub-type of breast cancer), seeking to discover drug candidates with significant tumor inhibiting effects, with improved treatment results and minimized adverse effects or patient resistance.

“We are very excited by the validation results we just received for our combination therapy candidates and hopeful for further future successes along the path to developing a treatment for this terribly complex and deadly breast cancer sub-type,” said Mark R. Anderson, CEO of Pattern Computer. He went on to add “We appreciate our results are still relatively early and are therefore approaching these next steps with due care and caution, but are encouraged by the biological validation we are seeing to date of our computational models in this area.”

About Pattern Computer

Pattern Computer is a Seattle-area startup led by CEO Mark R. Anderson. Its proprietary Pattern Discovery Engine helps researchers and computer scientists discover hidden patterns in high-dimensional data to enable them to form new hypotheses that will transform their research or business.


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