Pattern Computer Launches Pattern Discovery Mathematics Center in San Diego

REDMOND, WA, December 20, 2021 – Pattern Computer,® Inc. (PCI) is pleased to announce the opening of its new Pattern Discovery Mathematics Center in San Diego, CA. At one time, the creation of this center recognizes the critical differentiation PCI has brought to its defining goal of making major Pattern Discoveries, while maximizing and expanding working relationships with the San Diego commercial, and academic and scientific institutions already a part of the PCI alliance structure.

The purpose of the new center will be to enable staff, partners, prospects, collaborators, and customers to meet, work and co-create together in a safe environment.

“I am very excited about our expanded ability to work more closely with the incredibly talented teams and individuals in the San Diego region. As we increase our efforts and major discoveries in biotech, oncology, computer imaging, advanced software, aerospace, new materials, and advanced mathematics, it is hard to imagine a better place for our Discovery Mathematics team to be than here. We look forward to continuing our partnership with UCSD, anchored by a special agreement with the University of California Regents on IP protection and sharing. As a direct result of our longstanding friendship and working relationship with UCSD’s Dr. Larry Smarr, Professor Emeritus, and Chancellor Pradeep Khosla, we have many important alliances and connections to the university and the city.

We look forward to continuing, and expanding, our work with UCSD and Calit2 (the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology), the J. Craig Venter Institute, the Scripps Institutes, the Knight Lab, the Undiagnosed Consortium, and other great local teams in the area. Given that we chose Seattle/Redmond as our headquarters, it is hard to think of a better second U.S. location than San Diego. Everyone at Pattern Computer is excited to be expanding our connections to these amazing teams, and to a future of making great new Pattern Discoveries with them,” said Mark R. Anderson, CEO of Pattern Computer.

The San Diego facility is intended to be a hub of customer-centric innovation and experimentation as well as a center for new product development. The PCI team will work with prospects, customers, and partners, under safe pandemic rules and conditions, to illustrate the power of leveraging the Pattern Discovery Engine (PDE) to increase the discovery rate of new insights and to design innovative solutions that will be derived from those discoveries.

About Pattern Computer

Pattern Computer, Inc., a Seattle-area startup, uses its proprietary Pattern Discovery EngineTM to solve the most important and most intractable problems in business and medicine. Its proprietary mathematical techniques can find complex patterns in very-high-order data that have eluded detection by much larger systems.

While the company is currently applying its computational platform to the challenging field of drug discovery, it is also making pattern discoveries for partners in several other sectors, including additional biomedical research, materials science, aerospace manufacturing, veterinary medicine, air traffic operations, and finance.


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