Pattern Computer and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Enter Collaborative Research Agreement

REDMOND, Washington. — March 21, 2019 — Seattle-Area Pattern Computer® and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center sign 10-year collaborative research agreement

Pattern Computer®, Inc. and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have signed a 10-year collaborative research agreement. The first project identified under this agreement is in colorectal cancer (CRC), whereby Pattern Computer’s advanced machine-learning discovery platform will be used to identify patterns within Fred Hutch’s datasets that reveal key genetic markers that assist in the diagnosis of CRC.

“Being able to combine our pattern discovery technology with the deep subject matter expertise of a cancer domain leader like Fred Hutch is exactly the approach we envisioned when we formed the company,” said Mark R. Anderson, CEO of Pattern Computer. “While we knew there were far easier paths in machine learning than the biomedical field, we embraced it as our first domain because our team believed from the outset that making a difference that contributes to society was the highest possible calling.”

About Pattern Computer

Pattern Computer is a Seattle-area startup led by CEO Mark R. Anderson. Its proprietary Pattern Discovery Engine helps researchers and computer scientists discover hidden patterns in high-dimensional data to enable them to form new hypotheses that will transform their research or business.


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