AI-Assisted Drug Discovery

AI-Assisted Drug Discovery

Fostering Transformative Research through Pattern Discovery

Artificial Intelligence, particularly machine learning (ML) technologies, has the potential to revolutionize drug discovery.

ML-based pattern discovery algorithms are capable of systematically discovering novel representations or features from input data by leveraging large datasets to uncover previously unknown structures residing within them, enabling accurate predictive outputs from the data.

PCI’s Pattern Discovery Engine is a unique, proprietary computational platform that utilizes large number of samples and several different data types to extract hidden patterns and associations from complex, high-dimensional biomedical data to generate testable hypotheses.

These hypotheses include potential combinations and repurposed drug candidates, as a means of delivering rapid and cost-effective therapeutic solutions for hard-to-treat oncological and non-oncological malignancies.

Furthermore, this efficient and easily customizable ML platform can be used for data mining and actionable knowledge discovery across a number of domains such as material science, aerospace, and veterinary health.

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